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Bliss Village Sikkim

Biksthang, District West Sikkim, 737121 Mangalbarey, India 접속하다

Bliss Village Sikkim

Located in a quaint village in Biksthang, West Sikkim, Bliss Village is a traditionally built eco resort comprising of 16 rooms. The resort offers amazing views of the Kanchenjunga range and forests.

This eco retreat is a bird watcher’s paradise. To conserve biodiversity, it has developed beautifully landscaped natural gardens where different kinds of birds visit. It has a fruit orchard, an organic farm and cardamom plantations for you to take a short stroll.

While dining in the restaurants, overlooking the hills, don’t forget to ask for local food prepared with freshly procured ingredients from Biksthang village.

If you love nature tourism, this place is meant for you. Rest assured Bliss village will responsibly manage your stay.

1.5 km away from the Mangalbarey Market, surrounded by hills and forests.


Bliss Village Sikkim
Biksthang, District West Sikkim, 737121 Mangalbarey, India


  • 교통
  • 프론트
    24 시간 리셉션
  • 프론트 데스크
  • 호텔 서비스
    응급 진료
  • 제한 서비스 하우스 키핑
  • 모닝콜 서비스
  • 다른 사람들과 여행
    어린이 환영
  • 애완 동물 환영
  • 얻기 쉬운
    이용 가능한 편의 시설
  • 액세스 주차
  • 편의 객실
  • 이벤트
    회의 시설
  • 녹색 시설
    Boosting local economy
  • 지역 사회 참여
  • No Noise Pollution
  • 나무 심기


  • 침구
    Extra bed facility
  • Extra mattress facility
  • 화장실
    욕실 용품
  • 샤워
  • 음식 및 음료
  • 환대
    위성 TV
  • 사업
  • 얻기 쉬운
    장애인 용 객실


  • 웰빙
  • 문화적인
    들새 관찰
  • Farm to fork
  • Farm tour
  • Folk performance
  • 도서관
  • 자연 흔적을 보존
  • 관광 여행
  • Tea plantation tour
  • 게임 / 영화
    Indoor games

음식과 음료

  • 식사 계획
    모든 것을 포함하는 식사 계획
  • 전체 식사 계획
  • 특별한주의
    환영 음료
  • 서비스
    룸 서비스
  • 채소 식료품
    로컬 및 제철 음식
  • 유기 정원
  • 야채 정원

주택 정책

  • 체크인 시간 : 12:00
  • 체크 아웃 시간 : 12:00

정책 취소
• 100% advance payment at the time of booking.
• 7 days before departure – 100% refund.
• 48 hours before departure – 50% of total cost to be retained.
• In case of no show – 100% of payment will be retained.
• Refund Mode – The refund amount is credited back to the source account from which the original transaction was done.

다른 사람들과 여행

어린이 정책
Kids below 5 years stay free.

애완 동물 요청에 따라 사용할 수 있습니다.
Pet must be kept on a leash when in the hotel or on hotel property unless it is in the guest's room. Pets must not be left unattended.

결제 유형


구사 가능 언어

  • English
  • Hindi

관리 안내 서비스 팁


At the Resort
• Relax and spend some time reading a book in the open lawn or simply soaking the beauty of nature.
• Take short stroll in the fruit orchard or visit the cardamom plantations.
• Try your hands in organic farming.

Near the Resort
• Biksthang is home to many birds species, set out for a birding tour.
• Go Trekking.
• Visit the nearby villages and meet the locals.
• Set out for a tea plantation visit.


부동산의 그린 액션

Local Community
• Only local staff hired.
• Train staff on sustainability processes (SOPs).
• Local procurement of grains / vegetables / kitchen items.
• Display information about local activities and experiences.
• Offer seasonal and naturally grown local cuisine.
• Farm to Fork activity with fresh naturally grown produce.
• Promotes women empowerment by hiring only women employee for farming.

• All rooms are well ventilated and naturally lit reducing need for artificial light.
• Use energy efficient lights for lighting.
• Deploy natural and organic farming methods and avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
• Implement water saving initiatives like rain water harvesting.
• Implementation of waste saving initiatives (including food waste and composting).
• Implement processes to avoid noise pollution like no loud music etc.
• Conserves bio-diversity by planting bamboo and various kinds of fruits trees.

  •  로컬 및 제철 음식
  •  지역 사회 참여
  •  유기 정원
  •  야채 정원
  •  나무 심기
  •  Boosting local economy
  •  No Noise Pollution

  •  에너지 / 물 절약 대책, 폐기물 방지 및 자원 효율성
  •  공정 근로 조건
  •  지역 경제를 증폭
  •  문화 유산의 보존
  •  현지 음식

가장 유용한 리뷰 9 55 건의 리뷰

Bidesh Misra
11 개월 전에 – Google



Abhijith N P
3 년 전에 – Google


The place for away far far away from city and honkings to a peace loving space

Sundar Rajan
3 년 전에 – Google


I had stayed in the resort for 4 days and the facilities were very good. More than anything the Hospitality and care extended by the friends there was of Highest quality and will be remembered forever. Excellent place to stay with family in leisure.

Prabhat K Dirghangi
6 년 전에 – Google


We (Five Families) spent 5 days Relaxing luxury stay. We thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the place and the attention to detail, whether the place-mats, the candles, Furniture or wall decorations. Every room was spotless, comfortable, and very attractive with all the modern conveniences and supplies. The view to the mountains was very nice. The rooms are pared down luxury consistent with the immersion in nature surroundings. We appreciated very good service.

sonam Yangchen Dahdul
6 년 전에 – Google


It was a mesmerising stay at bliss village v resort . Awesome Location & great caring staffs . Food Was awesome & suited our taste bud . The Place had all to satisfy our needs. Rooms were neat and clean. Would recommend all to visit this property . Just felt relaxed away from home. awesome resort .👍🏻

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