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Neelkanth Forest Retreat Sariska

Towards Neelkanth Temple Road, beside the Mansarover lake Tehla Village, Rajasthan, 301410 Alwar, India 접속하다

Neelkanth Forest Retreat Sariska

"A holiday that saves migratory birds"
SDG 14
Overlooking the Mansarovar Lake and Aravalli ranges, Neelkanth Forest Retreat is a 7 rooms eco-stay located on a small extended island in Sariska.

Set in a little hamlet, the resort is built retaining natural contour. It has a restaurant that overlooks the lake and serves food prepared with fresh ingredients locally procured from the village.

There’s also a small kitchen garden where seasonal vegetables are grown and served to guest in the form of farm to table experience.

Your green vacation to this place is sure to create a positive impact both socially and ecologically, as your entire stay is sustainably managed by Neelkanth Forest Retreat.

Located in Tehla Gaon, 1.5 kms away from Sariska National Park Gate No 2 on the Neelkanth Mahadev temple road near Mansarovar Lake.


Neelkanth Forest Retreat Sariska
Towards Neelkanth Temple Road, beside the Mansarover lake Tehla Village, Rajasthan, 301410 Alwar, India


  • 인터넷
    무료 와이파이
  • 교통
  • 일반
    공기 조절
  • 금연 객실
  • 호텔 서비스
    응급 진료
  • 제한 서비스 하우스 키핑
  • 모닝콜 서비스
  • 다른 사람들과 여행
    어린이 환영
  • 얻기 쉬운
    이용 가능한 편의 시설
  • 액세스 주차
  • 휠체어 친근
  • 이벤트
    회의 시설
  • 녹색 시설
    Energy-efficient lighting
  • 식품 퇴비 프로그램
  • No Noise Pollution
  • 나무 심기
  • Water efficiency


  • 침구
    Extra mattress facility
  • 킹 사이즈 침대
  • 특수 기능
    Attached balcony with sit-out
  • 좌석 공간
  • 나무 / 나무 마루 바닥
  • 화장실
  • 음식 및 음료
  • 커피 / 차 메이커
  • 환대
    위성 TV
  • 사업
  • Intercom
  • 일반
    에어컨은 방에서 제어
  • 천장 선풍기
  • 금연
  • 모닝콜을 (를)
  • 얻기 쉬운
    장애인 용 객실


  • 스포츠
    Camel riding
  • 문화적인
    동물 관찰
  • 들새 관찰
  • 요리 교실
  • Farm to fork
  • Folk performance
  • Heritage trail
  • 자연 흔적을 보존
  • Outdoor dining
  • Picnic
  • 원정 여행
  • 관광 여행
  • Star gazing
  • Sunset point tea service
  • Village lunch
  • Village tour
  • 게임 / 영화
    Indoor games

음식과 음료

  • 특별한주의
    환영 음료
  • 서비스
    룸 서비스
  • 채소 식료품
    로컬 및 제철 음식
  • 유기농 음식 옵션
  • 유기 정원
  • 야채 정원
  • 아울렛 입력

주택 정책

  • 체크인 시간 : 14:00
  • 체크 아웃 시간 : 12:00

정책 취소
• 100% advance payment at the time of booking.
• 7 days before departure – 100% refund.
• 48 hours before departure – 50% of total cost to be retained.
• In case of no show – 100% of payment will be retained.
• Refund Mode – The refund amount is credited back to the source account from which the original transaction was done.

다른 사람들과 여행

어린이 정책
Kids below 5 years stay free. Kids above 5 years are chargeable.

애완 동물은 허용되지 않습니다.

결제 유형


구사 가능 언어

  • English
  • Hindi

관리 안내 서비스 팁


At Resort
• Sighting of wildlife like Deers, Asian Antelope, Crocodile and various migratory birds is very much an everyday experience from the resort.
• At times one can also hear a distant roar of the tiger from the far off jungle in the evening.
• While at the property, ensure you don’t miss to catch the sunset view from the open deck while sipping a hot cup of traditionally made “masala chai”.
• End you day with dinner by the lake under the stars.

Near Resort
• Set out for wildlife safari (Morning 7:00 Am to 10:00 Pm and Evening 2:30 Pm to 5:30 Pm) as per your convenience.
• Visit nearby 6th century Neelkanth Temple, Tehla fort and Bhangarh Fort.
• In addition to wildlife safari, Neelkanth Forest Retreat offers a plethora of curated experiences like nature walk, birding, farm visit with live cooking, village tour, live cooking workshop with villagers etc.


The food served at Neelkahth Forest Retreat is deeply rooted in the ancient Indian food philosophy. The traditional slow-cooking process followed in making “Laal Maans” or “Dal Bati Churma” is classically home-style that retains freshness and natural flavours. The farm-to-fork practices at this eco-resort are based on the fact that the spices, condiments, cereals and vegetables used are grown on the premises itself, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The milk for yoghurt is fetched from neighboring farms whose buffaloes/cows are fed on green grass found near this eco-resort.


부동산의 그린 액션

Local Community
• Only local staff hired.
• Train staff on sustainability processes (SOPs).
• Local procurement of grains / vegetables / kitchen items.
• Display information about Sustainable Initiatives.
• Display information about local activities and experiences.
• Promotes cultural richness by organizing folk performances on special occasions.
• Organize community cleanliness drive.
• Gives back to the community in the form old linen and hotel article distribution.
• Offer seasonal and naturally grown local cuisine.
• Contributes 45% towards natural farming over 25% as expected.
• Farm to Fork activity with fresh grown produce.

• Consciously designed safeguarding natural contours.
• Use renewable energy in the form of solar power to heat water.
• Deploy natural farming methods and avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
• Implement water saving initiatives like grey water usage for farming, rain water harvesting.
• Implement processes to avoid noise pollution like no loud music etc.
• Implementation of waste saving initiatives (including food waste and composting).

  •  유기농 음식 옵션
  •  로컬 및 제철 음식
  •  유기 정원
  •  야채 정원
  •  나무 심기
  •  식품 퇴비 프로그램
  •  Energy-efficient lighting
  •  Water efficiency
  •  No Noise Pollution

  •  에너지 / 물 절약 대책, 폐기물 방지 및 자원 효율성
  •  공정 근로 조건
  •  지역 경제를 증폭
  •  문화 유산의 보존
  •  동물 보호
  •  현지 음식
  •  재생 에너지

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