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ITC WelcomHeritage The Desert Resort, Mandawa

Mukundgarh Road, Mandawa, District Jhunjhunu, Shekhawati, Mandawa, Rajasthan India, 333704 Mandawa, Индия доступа

ITC WelcomHeritage The Desert Resort, Mandawa

"A holiday that preserves tribal culture"
SDG 11
ITC WelcomHeritage The Desert Resort, Mandawa brings together the local culture and rich history of the Shekhawati region with the unique charm of old-world hospitality.

Designed to replicate local tribal clusters, the resort integrates local communities’ traditions and culture without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Set against the rich desert landscape of Rajasthan, the resort is sustainably built using mud architecture. Spread across an expanse of over 100 acres, this eco-retreat houses a oasis within its compound fed with recycled water, an in-house dairy, an organic farm and solar-heating. The in-house organic farm supplies all seasonal vegetables and pulses to the resort’s kitchen. Guests can visit the organic farm to understand the cultivation methods and traditional organic farming techniques.

Your green vacation to this place is sure to create a positive impact both on the local community as well as the environment as your entire stay is sustainably managed by The Desert Resort.

Located in Jhunjhunu, the tribal eco-retreat is just 3 km away from Mandawa Square and Mandawa Fort.


ITC WelcomHeritage The Desert Resort, Mandawa
Mukundgarh Road, Mandawa, District Jhunjhunu, Shekhawati, Mandawa, Rajasthan India, 333704 Mandawa, Индия


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Политика Дом

  • Заезд: 11:00
  • Отъезд: 12:00

Отмена политики
• 100% advance payment at the time of booking.
• 7 days before departure – 100% refund.
• 48 hours before departure – 50% of total cost to be retained.
• In case of no show – 100% of payment will be retained.
• Refund Mode – The refund amount is credited back to the source account from which the original transaction was done.

Путешествие с другими

Размещение домашних животных допускается по запросу.
We know your pets are a part of your family, thus, we encourage you to bring along your pets for a wholesome family holiday experience.

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Знание иностранных языков

  • Английский
  • Хинди

Консьерж советы


At Resort
• Immerse yourself in the local culture by watching the women at work—making mandana patterns, leppai and local crafts and furnishings. You can also try your hand at the traditional art form of leppai along with the women at the resort.
• Try your hand in milking the cow in the in-house diary or visit the organic farm to understand the cultivation methods and traditional organic farming techniques.
• Spend a pleasant evening sipping tea, watching the stable hands groom and dress the horses against the shifting desert sand.
• Take a camel or camel buggy ride through the resorts farm, through the fields, stables dairy & dunes.
• Indulge in birdwatching at the oasis that attracts migratory birds and local animals. Situated within the resort’s compound, the oasis allows our guests to soak in the local terrain and habitat.
• Soak in the natural beauty of the desert with a 2.5 km walking trail. Walk through the farms, oasis and dairy enroute. • Sit back and relax with a drink after a thrilling day of excursions and activities at the Kalai, a quaint setup centred around a tree, with a panoramic view of the lawns.
• Ditch the restaurant and enjoy dinner at the dunes and the gardens.
Near the Resort
• The fresco trail in Mandawa leads through the town’s historic lanes, abounding with richly-painted havelis. Take a walk around town, marvel at the architectural magnificence and watch as tales of years gone by come alive on the walls of the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli, Mohanlal Saraf Haveli, and Chowkhani Haveli.
• Horse riding and camel safaris can be organized for you to take in the sprawling expanse of the desert. You can also take a jeep safari over the dunes for a thrilling experience of the tricky terrain.
• Set out for a visit to the Talchappar Sanctuary. This grassland expanse is home to the largest population of the endangered blackbuck antelope.
• Visit the 12 Century Jeen Mata Mandir set amidst dense forest.
• The Shekhawati region is known as the “open air Art gallery” of India. Visit the neighboring towns of Dundlod, Fatehpur, Nawalgarh, Mehansar and Parasrampura to witness the rich culture.

Окружающая среда

Зеленый Недвижимость с Действие

Local Community
• Only local staff hired.
• Train staff on sustainability processes (SOPs).
• Local procurement of grains / vegetables / kitchen items.
• Promote women empowerment by showcasing handicrafts and room decor.
• Display information about Sustainable Initiatives.
• Display information about local activities and experiences.
• Promote cultural richness by organizing fresco trails and folk performances on special occasions.
• Offer seasonal and organically grown local cuisine.
• Conducts farm to fork activity with fresh grown produce at the resort.

• Consciously designed using eco-friendly material.
• Use renewable energy in the form of solar power for heating.
• Deploy organic farming methods and avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
• Implement water saving initiatives by using recycled water for filling the oasis within the resort.

  •  Органическое земледелие
  •  Местные и сезонные блюда
  •  Органический сад
  •  Возобновляемая энергия
  •  Сажать деревья
  •  Recycling
  •  Energy-efficient lighting
  •  Water efficiency
  •  Boosting local economy
  •  Conservation of natural areas (biological diversity)

  •  Меры энергетики / экономии воды, предотвращение отходов и эффективность использования ресурсов
  •  Справедливые условия труда
  •  Повышение местной экономики
  •  Сохранение культурного наследия
  •  Местная еда
  •  Возобновляемая энергия

Полезности отзывы 9 49 отзывов

sunil hindustani shaheb
9 месяцев назад – Google


The hotel location is good. There is also something different than the others. The staff here operates very well on every movement. Behavior of staff is very good. Captain Sunil in particular was very well behaved.

Pankaj Kaushik
10 месяцев назад – Google


Dirty linen, no hot water in the room, exorbitant price. Bad experience...

If you have no expectations from hotel staff and only looking for scenic beauty around, it is fine.

Vivek Chaturvedi
10 месяцев назад – Google


Loved the ambience, serenity and the stud farm nearby. Rooms were okay and it's not a luxurious but comfortable stay. Breakfast offered was average and did not have much options for vegetarians, but whatever was available had amazing taste. Overall a decent place.

manish jaldhari
1 год назад – Google


Nice hotel

Dhananjay Chaudhary
1 год назад – Google


Its ultimate

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