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Indimasi -The Healing Village Trivandrum

Poovathoor, Nedumangad, Kerala, Vattappara Road, 695561 Thiruvananthapuram, 印度 地理位置

Indimasi -The Healing Village Trivandrum

Indimasi Healing Village is a 20 rooms wellness eco-retreat located at a remote village in the suburb of Trivandrum City, amongst thick forest and agriculture farms. This eco-resort is established on the principle of leading a life of sharing and caring, in co-existence with nature.

Here you can indulge in sustainable practices like organic farming with locals, milking the cow, nature walk, etc. all these help connect with local biodiversity and community.

A visit to this wellness retreat is sure to rejuvenate you, but at the sametime offer a satisfaction of spending a green vacation, where your ecological footprint is responsibly managed by Indimasi.

Set in a small village called Poovathoor, this retreat is 25 kms away from Trivandrum International Airport and 15 kms away from Trivandrum Central Railway Station.


Indimasi -The Healing Village Trivandrum
Poovathoor, Nedumangad, Kerala, Vattappara Road, 695561 Thiruvananthapuram, 印度


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  • 环保设施
    No Noise Pollution
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    Farm to fork


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  • 入住时间: 12:00
  • 退房时间: 11:00

• 100% advance payment at the time of booking.
• 7 days before departure – 100% refund.
• 48 hours before departure – 50% of total cost to be retained.
• In case of no show – 100% of payment will be retained.
• Refund Mode – The refund amount is credited back to the source account from which the original transaction was done.






  • 英语
  • 印地语



At Resort
• Indulge in wellness treatment that integrates the therapeutic process of Ayurveda, Siddha Veda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Kundalini Yoga, Kalari and Marma therapy.
• Participate in kalari, yoga & meditation sessions.
• Visit the organic farm, enjoy farm to fork experience.
• Try your hands in milking the cow.
• Spend your evenings swimming in the pool or watching the sun set just doing nothing •

Near the Resort
• Go for nature walk around the resort
. • Visit the nearby village & interact with the locals.



Local Community
• Only local staff hired.
• Train staff on sustainability processes (SOPs).
• Promotes women empowerment by hiring women staff.
• Local procurement of grains / vegetables / kitchen items.
• Display information about Wellness & Sustainable Initiatives.
• Display information about local activities and experiences.
• Promotes cultural richness by organizing folk performances on special occasions.
• Organize community cleanliness drive.
• Gives back to the community in the form old linen and hotel article distribution.
• Offer seasonal and naturally grown local cuisine.
• Farm to Fork activity with fresh grown produce.

• Ensures resource efficiency by using energy efficient lighting across the property.
• Deploy organic farming methods and avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
• Implement water saving initiatives like grey water usage for farming, rain water harvesting.
• Implement processes to avoid noise pollution like no loud music etc.
• Located in an environment sustainable area, ensures no plastic is used across he property.
• Implementation of waste saving initiatives (including food waste, composting).
• Deploys natural housekeeping process by using natural cleaning agents.

  •  素食菜单
  •  便餐
  •  有机花园
  •  菜园
  •  Recycling
  •  No Plastic Policy
  •  No Noise Pollution

  •  节能/节水措施,避免浪费和资源利用效率
  •  公平的工作环境
  •  提升地方经济
  •  文化遗产的保存
  •  有机食材
  •  当地食材

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Sreevidya Rajan
2年 前 – Google


I spent a week at Indimasi healing village for my treatment.. The traditional Ayurvedic treatment combined with yoga and healthy organic food improved my health remarkably thanks to the highly professional doctor and therapists.
The room was very clean and comfortable. The picturesque beauty and excellent aminities of Indimasi gave me the feeling of a hill station stay.

Sajan S
2年 前 – Google


One of the hidden gem in Trivandrum. Indimasi is specialised in natural healing through Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda & Kalari treatment practices.

3年 前 – Google


I visited Indimasi Healing Village in Feb 2020 for a month. The place is lokated at Trivandrum, Kerala State, South of India. I'm so gratefful that I was given the opportunity to improve my healt in such environment. I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and last year my oncologist told me that there was nothing else they could do to help me and that I have 6-12 months to live.
My trip to Indimasi Healing Village and meeting they qualified doctors and caring team of people brought encouragement to my live in a fresh way.
The accommodation was very clean and comfortable with daily room service.
During my stay I had numerous consultation with Ayurveda and Homeopathy doctors who then choce for me dietary supplements and suggested practices to strenghten my immune system. I think daily yoga sesion, organic food, breathing exercises, Ayurveda Treatments and medicines have helped me a lot. All the team members at Indimasi did an outstanding jobs, were always very caring and friendly.
Indimasi gave me a lessonon the importance of food as medicine. Organic food at Indimasian incredible an experience and the way it was served was amaizing. The yoga and meditation with Yogi Sivan was unforgottable experience. In my free time I attendet to pool or to the Art therapy with lovely Aniel who talked with everyone or prayed if they wanted to.
While at Indimasi I met many people who had many serious health issues like cancer, arthritis etc and I witnessed how their well-beining improved.
Thanks to everyone for what you did for me. I am forever grateful for your kindness, support and massive encouragement and above all you believe that my health wil be restoret. I am thankful for planty of sunshine and the vegetable garden. All this made me so happy and filled my heart with good memories.
I definitely recommend going to Indimasi for a tritment or simply life changing experience.

Anna Szymendera, Southampton, UK

Wg. Cdr S Jayachandran
3年 前 – Google


Our four weeks stay at Indimasi healing village was an amazing experience. The combination of its traditional treatment and the state of the art facilities made our stay a remarkable one.

Beyond the relaxing atmosphere of the resort, the next best part I experienced was the fantastic natural food and excellent service at the Restaurant. The staff was very attentive, professional and deserve a special thanks. We will miss the scenery around the resort and it was a relief to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment.

A true sample of excellent hospitality.

I look forward to returning again.

Arjun Muthukrishnan
3年 前 – Google


Good ambience and service.Taste of the natural food is awesome.
Thanks to Executive chief Mr.Joji James,Mr.jayesh,Mr.swarup and manager Mr.vishnu.
Facilities like kalari,yoga are good.

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